Compliance Management

Compliance management is of great interest. Laws and regulations become more complex, abidance more difficult. Charm Control supports compliance management with an efficient workflow.



Appropriate compliance management requires continuous effort. It is a cycle of development, implementation, evaluation en maintenance activities. Charm Control supports this workflow, which arises from the ISO 19600 standard for compliance management.

audit normen

Compliance Obligations

You structurally capture all your compliance obligations. Whether they originate from internal and external organizational factors, from stakeholder needs, or from good governance principles. With Charm Control you can track them organized.

audit evidence

Risk Assessment

Identification, analysis and evaluation of compliance risks. What are the sources and causes of non-compliance, what is the severity of the consequences and how likely is their occurrence? You easily record this all and it will be presented insightful in Charm Control.

audit plan


Easily planning of tasks. Use a comprehensive collection of predefined tasks and assign them to people and function groups. Determine their frequency and set alarms as a reminder.

audit issues


Use the issue tracker for tracking compliance issues. The issue tracker supports easy input and reports clearly on solved issues and issues that still need attention.



Implement a Implementeer an adequate whistleblower policy for internal reporting of suspected wrongdoing within the organization. Notifications take place under complete confidentiality so they can be handled carefully.

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