Better yield for advisors and their clients

OAKK is convinced that professional guidance in asset management ultimately yield in better return for the private investor. The Financial Advisor is plays a central role in this.
OAKK shares her knowledge and skills with the Financial Advisor to jointly provide the best proposition for clients. So offers OAKK solid investment solutions and OAKK supports the asset advisory practice of the Financial Advisor with a unique platform, for both the advisor and the client.

Charm has developed this platform for OAKK.
The process of inventing, capturing and monitoring essential client data and capital growth of clients is completely digital. The advisor and the client both have access to this information. Features of the OAKK platform:

  • The OAKK Tool gives you, within 30 seconds,insight whether your target fits with the resource allocation.
  • Within 20 minutes, inventory done and account opened for clients.
  • All customer information up-to-date.
  • At least once per year customer contact to check if OAKK Solid Portfolio is still on track.
  • OAKK helps to grow the assetadvisory practice. OAKK is the asset manager, the adviser stands besides the customer.
The OAKK platform has been built with great attention to user friendliness and reliability. OAKK is robust and easy to use. Independent audits confirm the high level of security of OAKK. With OAKK, you build a solid asset advisory practice!

Techniques: Angular JS, Java, REST and OAUTH.

Are you interested?
Please contact OAKK for a demo of the application.
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